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Mounted in the back of the scooter, this mechanism stops the scooter from tipping over backwards.

Shock Absorbers
Installed in the Breeze is an advanced shock absorption system, as used in motorcycles. The system uses both spring and hydraulic absorbers for keeping your ride safe and smooth.

Automatic Brake
An electric brake installed in the motor stops the vehicle automatically whenever the driver releases the throttle.

Battery Gauge
Displays the status of your batteries at any given time and how long you have left on your journey.

Power Unit
This unit incorporates the motor, gear, and differential into one strong, chainless unit, giving your scooter more reliability and safety.

Advanced Steering System
The Breeze 4 has an advanced steering system, similar to those used in the auto industry. Thus the vehicle is more stable, comfortable, and completely controllable.

Hand Brake
An emergency brake designated for use in case the automatic brake has stopped working unexpectedly.

A registered trademark of Afikim EMV, referring to any electric vehicle powered by batteries. The EMV reaches a top speed of 15kph and is designated for people who have reduced mobility. The EMV affords its drivers full mobility and quality of life, despite any prevailing disadvantages.

Turn Radius
Every mobility scooters vehicle has a different distance between its four wheels. It is this that determines a vehicle's turn radius. The smaller the radius is, the easier it is for the scooter to maneuver tight corners.

A sturdy metal frame that contributes to the scooter's stability and safety.

Ergonomic Design
Our scooters have an ergonomic design, taking into consideration the driver's physical condition and his motor capacity. This is to ensure our customers a user-friendly vehicle no matter what.

Like any other electrical appliance, the EMV's electrical circuits create a minor, harmless radiation. For precise information, please see the user manual for your EMV.