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About us
Elite Scooters has been operating in the Australian market for over eight years. We offer a comprehensive range of scooters to suit ALL mobility needs. 

Our imported scooters of choice are renowned around the world. They feature unique characteristics, innovative technology, outstanding capabilities, and of paramount importance - comfort and style. All scooters meet the highest international safety standards, and deliver superior levels of performance for the quality-conscious, discerning buyer.

Our supplier of choice, Afikim EMV (Electric Motor Vehicles), was founded in 1978 in Kibbutz Afikim, in the Jordan Valley, in Israel. It is the manufacturer of the Breeze and Sportster, and many other mobility scooters. Afikim employs a large team of experts in its Development, Production and Marketing departments, both in Israel and overseas. The company is considered to be a worldwide pioneer in personal mobility solutions, and its products allow its customers to benefit from a perfect balance of innovation, safety, comfort, reliability and design. 

Afikim offers a wide range of models and accessories, including scooters for doubles and singles, scooters for indoors, scooters for metropolitan and rural environments, and custom-fitted scooters for industrial use. This wide variety is influenced by the concept that scooters are not only for the elderly, but are a convenient mobility solution for any age and any need.

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