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Things to consider before purchasing a mobility scooter

Which electric mobility scooter best suits your needs?
The following questions will help you and us determine what mobility scooter model best suits your needs. Click here or call your local dealer

Do you live in a flat/hilly/urban/rural area?
Elite Scooters offers a wide range of models to suit all needs.

Will you be using the mobility scooter for personal use or also transporting goods?
We have mobility scooters with large rear trays and varying speeds and strengths.

Will you be driving by yourself or with a friend?
You can choose between standard, wide or double seats.

Will you be staying around your home, venturing further away or even playing golf?
We offer models that are collapsible and fit easily in the boot of your car, along with models for longer journeys and recreation.

Where will you be storing your scooter? Will it fit in your home or an elevator?
We offer different models in different sizes, allowing you to drive around narrow hallways and into small elevators.

What is your budget?
We offer a variety of models in varying price ranges, from basic scooters to technically and visually superior models.

Who will look after my technical and service needs?
Elite Scooters authorizes specific dealers to service its scooters. Only your authorized local dealer will have the know-how and access to genuine spare parts. You should avoid dealing with internet distributors. Elite Scooters offers a two year warranty on all new scooters.