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Frequently Asked Questions about mobility scooters

What is the mobility scooter's top speed?
The mobility scooter is limited to a top speed of 15kph.

Do you need a driver's licence to drive a mobility scooter?
Scooters are not considered motor vehicles and therefore do not need a licence to operate.

Where should I drive my mobility scooter?
You should drive on the pavement where possible. If there is no safe way of getting on the pavement, drive alongside it as close as possible.

Is it alright to drive my scooter into a shopping centre?
Shopping centres allow scooters entry. The Caddy and Superlight SL3 models are specifically designed for driving around crowded areas, such as shopping centres.

Can I drive through the rain on my scooter?
mobility Scooters are equipped with advanced components, which are waterproof. Nonetheless, it is recommended you avoid driving through large puddles or leaving the scooter in the rain for a long period of time.

What is the average life-span of a mobility scooter? How often do I need to replace it?
On average, our customers use their scooters for 5 years before they replace it with a newer model.

How do I maintain my scooter?
In order to keep your scooter working properly and safely, you should have it checked regularly (recommended - every 6 months.) Also, insist on original Afikim parts for your scooter.

My scooter's range isn't very long, what do I do?
The scooter's range is up to 50km on an even surface with a driver weighing 80kg. Driving uphill can drain your battery quicker since the motor needs more power to make it up the hill.

Why does my year-and-a-half-old Breeze model not go very far?
The electric mobility scooter works on batteries. Despite the daily charging of the scooter, the acid in the cells deteriorates over time and reduces their capacity, thus limiting the range. Your batteries are limited to 300 charges, or the equivalent of a year and a half of average use.

My scooter was fully charged for 2 months, now, when I use it, it doesn't go very far.
Batteries lose their charge over time. That is why after two months of disuse, your battery's capacity will have halved. This process is accelerated by high temperatures.

My scooter has been standing for 6 months, now my technician says the batteries have discharged.
Batteries that have not been charged for a significant period of time will lose their ability to charge again. It is recommended that after fully charging your batteries, you disconnect them from the scooter if you are going to leave it standing for a long period of time. Also, try to charge your batteries at least once every 6 months.

Do I need to do any maintenance on the Drive Unit?
Our Driving Units are sealed units. They do not need any maintenance.

Should I buy a used scooter? If so, who from?
Buying a used scooter can be a tricky business. To minimize risk, we suggest you see a licensed Elite Scooter dealer and insist on the following: That the scooter is in proper working order and has undergone a safety check; check the length of guarantee; check there are spare parts and technical support available for this model.