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Electric Mobility Scooters Advantages

Quality of Life at Any Age
An electric Mobility scooter offers a perfect solution - it enables the elderly or mobility incapacitated person to regain their mobility, without the need for a driver's licence. 

A Mobility Solution for Any Task
The low maintenance cost of an electric scooter, its reliability, along with advanced engineering, and eco-friendliness, have all been factors in the manufacture of a wide range of models, to suit a range of applications in and outside the home, and at work.

Maximum Safety
  • Hard Chassis
  • Advanced Steering Systems
  • Security systems which stop the scooter in case of loss of control
  • Collision-dampening front bumper
  • Brake-Light System
  • "Anti-panic" mechanism which stops the scooter in case of an unexpected sharp turn
  • Anti-tipping mechanism which stops the scooter from tipping over
Perfect Comfort
  • Advanced ergonomic engineering for a comfortable, user-friendly experience
  • Adjustable orthopedic seats - designed by leading experts in the field
  • Improved shock absorbers for a smooth ride
  • Small turn radius for moving around in confined areas
  • Engineered for taking apart and putting back together by anyone (in specific models)
  • A powerful rear-wheel-drive and stronger batteries that gives you longer driving range
Peace of Mind
With a wide range of models, there is a perfect balance of technological ingenuity, smart design, and reliability, backed up by a professional support team. Our customers will find a mobility solution that best suits their needs and that gives them full independence and the freedom to go anywhere, anytime, with ease and comfort!